Proper and consistent interior grease trap servicing is necessary to keep the rest of your indoor pipes running smoothly. That’s because fats, oils, grease and solids (FOGS) can build up in your pipes, all of which may cause problems that you don’t need. We provide inside grease trap cleaning to all sorts of commercial businesses in the food industry, including restaurants, hotels, commercial cafeterias, retirement homes, school dining facilities. We at Bay Power Pumping use 10 Point Grease Trap Inspection Program to fully inspect your grease trap by properly scraping down the walls of the trap and inspecting the condition of the trap itself, including baffles and cover. After this detailed inspection, we’ll do a full cleaning out of your grease trap. Additionally, our technicians are trained and able to replace gaskets during service or snake a clogged line.

At the time of our visit, your Bay Power Pumping technician will review and update the paperwork on all of your interior traps and recommend the appropriate service frequency based on the condition of those traps. He or she will also update the service log so that health department inspectors have the proper documentation. (Note that some states and towns require a specific frequency for grease trap services. You can learn more about your local and state grease regulations by visiting your local County Health Department website. You can also check with your Bay Power Pumping technician or local board of health for more information and to avoid any violation fees.)