Why you should enroll in our Filter Exchange Program:

We make sure that our filters are the most functional in the market.
We replace our inventory as we notice they are damaged.
We will not mis-match filters in your hood causing a bad appearance and potential suction issues.
We provide the filters relative to your cooking environment: (i.e.,- Spark Arrestor for solid fuel, high efficiency for high grease, etc)
We will exchange "Captive Air" filters with Captive Air Filters.

Ensuring you will not have cheap filters exchange with your nice Captrate Solo Filters.

Reason why you make enroll now

- Helps you avoid fines from the Health department & EPA for washing grease down the drains
- Helps the avoid and staff from being injured while climbing on the hot equipment.
- Cooler Kitchen and line
- Less wear and tear on your dishwasher
- Cleaner dishes and less spotting