Commercial Sanitation

We offer the best and proven services for sanitation management. Eliminate Bacteria & Viruses 99.9 %. Including Covid 19

Our services are used in companies, schools.  As well as in food, pharmaceutical and hotel industries, to name a few.  We also collaborate closely with State and Federal sector.

We take the time and resources necessary to meet your needs.  We design a specialized service plan customized to your needs and provide you with a healthy environment.

For this reason Bay Powerwash & Pumping is the leading company in Sanitation control management in the Bay Area California.

Why trust us ?

– We have a solid track record of more than 10 years.  Backed by our work with fortune 500 companies, public municipalities and residential clients.

– We use the latest technology to implement action protocols.  In combination with steam and liquid agents we are able to kill 99.9 of virusus.

– Our comprehensive training to our skilled technicians

– Our commitment is to protect your health

– We are an environmentally safe company and using only clean technology

Creating healthy environments